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Welcome to W.E. Whiskyauktion Europa!

We will guide you step by step to you first auction.
On our site, whisky can be purchased by auction by private as well as commercial costumers.

All displayed bottles on our site have undergone thorough examination processes and are ready to ship right after the auction ends. Furthermore we examine all bottles on originality and gurantee originality to the buyers. All bottles will be shipped with our special transport insurance which other websites cannot offer.

Please take a look at our current auction calendar here.

The auction fee for the buyer amounts to 7.5% of the hammer price.

In order to purchase whisky on our auction platform, please follow the following steps:

  • 1.Register on our site (see URL at the bottom of the page).

  • 2.Bidon your favorite whiskies. Naturally, we are using hidden bids – enabling you to simply enter the highest price you are willing to pay, to which the computer automatically keeps bidding, if necessary.

  • 3.Remain the highest-bidding party until the end of the auction!

Thereby, you will have purchased your first bottle on our site!

Special treatment of the auction-process on our platform:

In some cases, sellers set reserve prices (minimum amount of bid for bottle) if the bottle is very valuable. In case of you being the highest bidder at the end of the auction, yet remaining below the reserve price, the possibility for you to purchase the bottle for your closing bid still remains. In this case, the highest bid will be presented to the seller, who then has 48 hours to decide whether they accept the offer or resubmit the bottle to the next auction.

We therefore suggest to you to always try and stay the highest bidder.

Moreover, we ship bottles throughout Europe (e.g. Germany: starting at 9.90 Euro) as well as Asia (Taiwan etc.).You will find shipment prices here.

For other, non-listed shipment-requests please contact us.

The following prices apply to you as a buyer:

Registration: free
Auction fee: 7.5 % of the hammer price
Risk of shipping to you: free
Shipping charges including insurance of goods in transit:  here.

Currently, our only method of payment is bank transfer. This maximizes the sellers’ security. In return, the bottles will be on our hand as well as examined by us in advance of the auction’s beginning. Thus, both parties are ensured pleasant conditions.

After you have won your first auction you will be informed about money transfer, shipping status of the bottle including tracking number. So it is easier for you to calculate when the bottles will arrive at yours.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us or use our online contact form.

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